Lonesome October Lit: Halloween 2018

Lonesome October Halloween 2018

Welcome to our Halloween 2018 special at Lonesome October Lit. We have a little something for just about everyone here this year – horror, gothic, some funny, some tinged with sadness or longing… 21 poems and stories for the spookiest day and night of the year, from all over the world. Happy reading – and of course, happy Halloween!


Dark Days by Karen Morgan
A Thieving Primer by Scath Beorh
All the Other Nights are Darker by Chad Musick
Orphan by Alexandra Carr-Malcolm
Spoiler Alert by Betsy Housten
Eternal Life by Amanda Francis Lennox
Strong by Andrew Mark Bedell
Demons by Billy Reynard-Bowness
Untitled by December Lace
Final Fury by Mindy Watson
Kokytos Shore by Dennis Mombauer
for Ossian by Spangle McQueen
Hallows Eve Ballad by Jade April
Tired Old Meat by Amanda Oosthuizen
Milk and Tar by Cathal Gunning


Don’t Scare Her by Madison McSweeney
The Darkness by Shawn Anto
Hidden Bravery by Kimberly Wolkens
The Intrusive Imagination by Melinda Giordano
Honey by Jake Kendall
The Garden by Henry James

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