Eternal Life by Amanda Francis Lennox

Eternal Life

His eyes hypnotise me as he whispered these words in my ear
“I offer you eternal life”
my body starts to tremble as I accept and he pulls me near
I feel his lips on my throat and a sudden pain as he sinks his teeth into my flesh and slowly begins to feed.
My body starts to weaken but today is different from before
He offers me a chalice with a thick crimson liquid inside
Slowly after hesitation I take a delicate sip
The liquid appears to change me as my heartbeat starts to stop and my eyes become sensitive to the now bright lights of day
I cower in the darkness as my body shuts down into what appears to be a drug enticed sleep.
I wake up to discover my senses have sharpened
My eyes adjusted to the dark also I can now hear sounds and voices that appear from far away.
Although my heart beats no longer I feel energised and more alive than before
Suddenly he approaches and pulls me into his arms before speaking these fatal words
“You are now mine for all eternity, I am the one you will serve and obey.”
It is then that the hunger comes over me, a need for more of the thick red nectar from before.
My needs are understood by my new master and he offers me his throat
I hesitate at first, but the urge inside me overcomes as I sink my teeth into his throat and eagerly feed.
I am taught how to stalk, hunt and seduce my prey so I can feed by my master
I watch as the years go by and my family and friends all start to age and eventually die
His part of my existence saddens me as my loved ones fade away whilst I forever remain the same.
Years have passed and yet my existence stays the same
I still hunt and seduce my prey before I happily feed
Gone are the days of basking in the sun and adventures out during daylight
I am now a child of the darkness and have excepted I will no longer age or change, and have come to terms with my eternal life
Then there is the promise that I made for eternity for my master whom I still love and obey.

Amanda Francis Lennox has lived in Rotherham all of her life. She has been writing poetry for a couple of years. She is currently co hosting a quiet  open Mic event in Rotherham aimed at encouraging less confident people to share their poetry.

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