Kokytos Shore by Dennis Mombauer

Kokytos Shore

licorice bleeds into lime bleeds into dust

skeletal rickshaws & ghostly sirens
tuk-tuk axles greased with human fat

neon eyes dilate & contract
limbless shadows writhe in arrack

smog wafts over street valleys
marinates a phantom procession

a naked man sells fruits from his chesthole
papayas & pineapples & chicken hearts

cliffs of slobbering motor oil & steam
engine blocks roar under a curving carapace

and in the distance, stained glass soars
into the helicopter-stirred static

dark within minutes

This was first published in A Beautiful Resistance, November 2017.

Dennis Mombauer, *1984, currently lives in Colombo as a freelance writer of fiction, textual experiments, reviews, & essays on climate change & education. Co-publisher of “Die Novelle – Magazine for Experimentalism“. Publications in various magazines & anthologies. German novel publication “Das Maskenhandwerk” (The Mask Trade) with AAVAA press in 2017. Homepage: www.dennismombauer.com | Twitter: @DMombauer

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