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Thank you and goodbye from Lonesome October Lit

Happy New Year 2019, everyone.

I am writing this at the end of November, having just scheduled our last post for New Year’s Eve. It’s been common knowledge for some time that we would be closing, but I couldn’t just leave without saying something.

Thank you to those readers and writers who have shown Lonesome October (and those published here) so much love – through submissions, reading the stories and poems, sharing, commenting, tweeting. When I resolved to make changes to my editing workload, for my health and family’s benefit, I first took a look at where the most work was going in for the least amount of readers and writers. Unfortunately that was Lonesome October. But the beautiful thing around here is, even with a smaller following, the one we do have is full of devoted, darling people. So to you especially – thank you for the love, and I am sorry we have to go.

To new folks who stumble across this derelict mausoleum… there is a lot to discover and enjoy here. Look through our archives if you want to read something delightfully dark – you won’t be disappointed. It won’t be going anywhere, either; it’s our job to keep this corner of the internet nice and haunted for as long as we can.

With all the spooky love,



Widow’s Watch by James H Duncan

The walk through the coastal forest had taken longer than any of them expected, but there it was, just as Jason had said it would be. The ancient mansion stood in an overgrown clearing surrounded by the dense, dark woods. Continue reading Widow’s Watch by James H Duncan

Beth’s Christmas Wish by Kimberly Wolkens

Christmas used to be Annie’s favorite holiday. This year she dreaded it. She tried to muster up even a tiny bit of enthusiasm, but it just wasn’t the same. Nothing had been the same since her best friend died last spring in a car accident. Continue reading Beth’s Christmas Wish by Kimberly Wolkens