Hallows Eve Ballad by Jade April

Hallows Eve Ballad

To my fellow werepoets and literary ghouls,
to my elven wordsmiths and ghost-writers on the move,
to my wordy witches, goblin letter stitchers,
vampy sentence fixers, spoken word warlocks,
psychic poet prophets, zombie bringers of sonnets,
dead poets’ societies, alchemy lyricists,
poetry slam misfits, grim linguistics,
haiku sorcerers, you demons of cipher,
cult of co-writers, shape shifting word shapers,
you stiltskins of contracts to be obeyed,
you shadows casting words that make light afraid,
gatekeepers of spells, devils with words fit for hell,
familiars, dark muses inspiring what we say,
skeleton crawlers, wraith callers,
monsters of dialect play, happy Hallows Eve,
my ghoulish literary kin, have a hauntingly great day!

Jade April is from England, born in the historical city of York that is brimming with inspiration, in 1993 she moved to North Yorkshire to a quiet little village called North Skelton, where she spent her time reading Christopher Pike stories and writing poems. She currently lives in a small town called Guisborough with her two children, Jade is a meanderer, coffee addicted, BA English and creative writing student, studying at Teesside University, a self-confessed poet, experimenting with writing. Who has a penchant for the dark and the macabre and likes to play with this in her poetry.

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