I Thought We Were Hunting Elk by Brian Jerrold Koester

Eric taught me on the spot
to wear brush, but not too much,
to wear greasepaint even on my hands. Continue reading


Louder than Words by G.E. Smith

I’d had enough of my husband’s verbal abuse. I began recording his comments, typing and printing them out, and shredding them.
++++ He couldn’t talk after that.
++++Two nights later he beat me with a car antenna. I determined that more than his vocal chords needed to be stilled.
++++The next morning I sat on our bed with a photograph of him. When he stepped out of our bathroom, I crumpled the picture. My husband’s bones snapped and he collapsed into a ball.
++++In seventh grade study hall I used to crumple and un-crumple notebook paper until it took on the texture of Kleenex. I did this to the photo, then blew my nose with it and laughed until tears wet my face.
++++I went into our bathroom and flushed the photo. When I went back into our bedroom, nothing remained of him except for a damp spot on the carpet.


G. E. Smith has written clown skits, scripts for his hometown junior high D.A.R.E. and PeaceBuilder programs, silly, rhymed children’s verse, and short works of dark fiction. Most recently, his work has appeared in Trembling With Fear, FunDead Publications, and The Nocturnal Reader’s Box. Mr. Smith works in north central Illinois, where he lives with his wife Joyce. If you’re interested in what he’s reading, writing, and submitting, check out his Facebook page: fb.me/WritefullyMinded.

Pushcart Prize Nominations 2017/18

Lonesome October Lit is pleased to announce our first ever nominations for the Pushcart Prize. Our six pieces this year are…

‘Singing for These Dancing Bones’ by Jenne Kaivo

‘Bleak Row’ by Laura Potts (to be published in December)

‘Lullaby’ by Ali Jones

‘Artists in the Underworld’ by Richard Wayne Horton

‘Our Lady of the Sewer Grate’ by Robert Beveridge

‘A Friar Prevails on Father Grandier’ by John Grey

Congratulations and good luck to our nominated writers!