Two poems by Vanessa Maki

the autopsy

my cold body was in the morgue
under a blank white sheet
until the forensic pathologist took it off
the fatal wounds were obvious
i had been drained of all my blood
by what was clearly sharp teeth
i died by the teeth of a vampire
who disguised themselves
as someone who could save me
& i should have known better
i can’t be saved



my bedroom is quite sombre // while i’m at home // it feels less like one // as the years have gone by // & physical darkness // sometimes intimidates me // but darkness of another kind // is another story // sometimes i want to bite down on my tongue // until i taste the tang // of my own blood // there’s times where i want to be someone else // who holds hands with normalcy // not destruction // who has less of a fascination with knives // & more with softer things // softer people // a softer existence // instead of the sense // that i’m constantly scratching // at ideas that don’t pay me any mind

Vanessa Maki is a queer writer,artist & other things. She’s full of black girl magic & has no apologizes for that. Her work has appeared in various places like Really System & others. She is also forthcoming in a variety of places. She’s founder/EIC of rose quartz magazine & is involved in other spaces as well.  Follow her twitter & visit her site .


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