Dark Days by Karen Morgan

Dark Days

Her arrival oddly expeditious
Vomited from the bowels of the earth
Gloriously bedraggled. Delicious.
Volcanic eruption – this was her birth

Delivered in darkness, she stole the light
Absorbing the sun along with my soul
Ferocious beauty – Maiden of Midnight.
Her heart empty a vacuous black hole

Hypnotised by this horrific wonder
She smiled terribly then shattered the world
Detonating mountains, screaming thunder
Around her raven mane the earth whirled

Her eyes upon me, I embraced the end
The dark days are here, you can’t run my friend.

Karen Morgan is a single mother of one, living on the rarely sunny but stunning West Coast of Scotland. She joined a local writers group to build her confidence and rediscovered her love of writing poems.

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