Lonesome October Lit: Halloween 2017

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Hello, and Happy Halloween! We have a post of many tricks and treats to share with you today, in honour of the spookiest day and night of the year. So if you’re in need of extra horror, gothic, or otherwise dark (and sometimes funny) poems, stories, and art today, we’ve got you covered. Pull up a dusty armchair, grab a mulled cider (or a pumpkin spice something, if that’s your thing), and enjoy…

2017-06-01 Scan 1024
The House of Usher by Keira James


The Incident at Choke Cherry Farm by James H Duncan
the vampire’s feast by Linda M. Crate
Serenity by Sheikha A.
Mulberry House by Rachel Burns
Hello by Bethany W Pope
Cyäegha by DJ Tyrer
Sparks by Simon Williams
The Lights Are Always On by Olivia Tuck
Surfacing by Mindy Watson
The desperate hours by Andrew Bedell
The Sugar-Coated Witch by Neil Fulwood
Maternal Instincts by Lili Leader-Williams
Three Poems by Karin L. Frank
Hagwraith by Ruthie Starling
The Hare and the Egg by Caroline Hardaker

The Black Cat by Keira James


Coven by Michael Chin
The Tooth Fairy by A.B. Cooper
Siobhan and the Looking Glass by Hat Purplebeard
Spooky by Stella Bahin
Distance by Bethan Rees
Not Feeling Yourself? by Kymm Coveney
A Murder of Magpies by Benjamin Francis Cassidy


The Hands of Power by Marc Woodward

Red Death final 1024
The Red Death by Keira James

Visual Art

The House of Usher, The Black Cat, and The Red Death by Keira James

Keira James is an artist and author from Sheffield. She grew up listening to steel mills and steam engines, many years before discovering that Metal music was a thing. She paints “gloomy” pictures and her verse writing has been described as “quite negative.” She finds no reason to refute this observation. She is working on a graphic novel called Planet Umbra and wants to find the sun’s brightness button. Find her work at grindstoneart.wordpress.com.

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