Deep Edges by G.E. Smith

After driving by it for months, he finally stopped to see if it was a pit or shadow from the nearby trees.
+++ With each step came a growing sense of fear, and yet he was eager to satisfy his curiosity.
+++ He stopped near the edge. It was a pit.
+++People walked and jogged by.
+++ He walked halfway around and spotted an aluminum pop can. Shoving his hands in his pockets, he glanced around, took a step, and kicked the can. It hit bottom within seconds.
+++ “Huh.”
+++ He sat down, took a breath, and scooted to the edge. Then he stretched out his legs and found solid footing. “Strange.”
+++ He went in and walked around, eventually getting to the center and still finding it only waist deep.
+++ No one stopped or noticed him.
+++ “Well, now I know.”
+++ He started back, but with each step he took the pit moved with him.

G. E. Smith has written clown skits, scripts for his hometown junior high D.A.R.E. and PeaceBuilder programs, silly, rhymed children’s verse, and short works of dark fiction. Most recently, his work has appeared in Trembling With Fear, FunDead Publications, and The Nocturnal Reader’s Box. Mr. Smith works in north central Illinois, where he lives with his wife Joyce. If you’re interested in what he’s reading, writing, and submitting, check out his Facebook page:

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