A Friar Prevails on Father Grandier by John Grey

Confession is the best result
for all and while you’re at it, why not

reveal the names of your accomplices i.e.
aside from Satan, Beelzebub and Asteroth.

After all do you really wish
your bones to be squeezed so hard

that they ooze marrow. Or your body stretched
until your stomach breaks apart at the navel.

Magic, malefia – you know the charges.
And not forgetting all the poor wailing nuns

infected with your demons. Of course,
you’ll never walk out of here but come

clean with us and a quick hanging will
cut short your pain. Otherwise, it’s a

public burning in the square. Humiliation
plus excruciating pain. Is that what you

wish for your departure from this realm?
The truth may even save you from God’s greater wrath.

In hell, you’d never know where fire ends and
wicked priest begins. So it really is the easiest of choices.

Come Father, out with it. The night is getting late.
If you don’t stop proclaiming your innocence,

we’ll start to think you enjoy this sort of thing.
Really. You mustn’t. That’s our job.

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