Tiamat by Eris Crow

Ageless Dark Mother, coiled Serpent,
Worm of creative destruction.
First and last and all that is or
++++++++++++++++++++ will be.

You are the Earth.
You are the moon and every star.
Nothing and everything, the void
++++++++++++++++++++ you are.

Formless, yet of infinite form.
Primal mother who gave birth
To life and light from your vast
++++++++++++++++++++ black womb.

From your lips essence drips.

You spawn both Angels and Daemons,
Love and death, light and dark.
And lovingly enfold your wings
++++++++++++++++++++ around it all.

Mother of Kia, source of All.
Spirit giver, life slayer.
Creatrix and Destroyer.

Fractal Queen of motion,
The primal Chaos ocean.

Eris Crow, like most crows, likes to observe and watch on the liminal boundaries of human activity, occasionally venturing in a little deeper to peck away at something of interest before flying away before anyone gets too close. A dabbler in the occult, wanderer of graveyards, a goth and a cyberpunk at home in the countryside or the inner city. A warrior poet, happy to be alone or in a crowd. Eris is somewhat obsessed by humanities past and mythology and yearns to help create a new mythology for the twenty-first century to ensure that humanity can survive, evolve and prosper into the future and one day the stars… Eris can be arrogant, after all arrogance is only knowing you are right, right? Humble, but not too humble. Optimistic but recognising that most humans are pretty selfish and not that bright so need a guiding light of wisdom. Ha, ha! Eris Crow lives in Wiltshire, an ancient land of barrows, stone circles and woodland mostly reduced to featureless intensively farmed fields interspersed with pockets of urban decay.





Image is used under the terms of the CC0 Public Domain license (sourced from Pixabay user insspirito).

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