The Owls Gather to Watch by Rachel Burns

Pegged sheets flap
under a yellow moon

of goat’s cheese
the smell sickly

like balled up socks
under the bed.

The world is blue
the needle stuck

in the deep groove
of scratched vinyl.

Stars suffocate,
mother irritates.

Memory like the skin
is pinned.

The owls gather to watch
with unblinking eyes.

Rachel Burns has poetry published in literary magazines The Lake, South, Mslexia, Fenland Reed, Head Stuff, Lonesome October, South Bank Poetry, Ambit, Smeuse, The Herald newspaper, Toasted Cheese and A Restricted View From Under The Hedge. Poems anthologised in #MeToo, Poems for Grenfell Tower and Please Hear What I’m Not Saying.

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