Meditation by Jacqueline Knight Cotterill

Drifting in the Sanctuary,
whispered into submission,
voice echoing like the plop of
stone dropped into well water.

In my safe place, green meadow
circled by brambled thickets,
deep woods edged in bluebells,
birdsong sweetening still air.

Purple dressed, guiding journey,
gently talks my path to peace,
unclench tight muscles, still eyelids,
feel the warmth of forest sun.

Fingers tangled in deep grass,
in mind’s eye watch bird’s fly,
as light dims in swift shadows,
black clouds tumbling in.

Feel sudden fear, shiver runs
through inert body, trapped,
transfixed, watch ink shape
swooping down, knife in hand.

Smoke arm raised to stab,
nearer, nearer, heart chilled,
danger mortal, laid out as
lamb to slaughter on massage bed.

Paralysed in meditative hell,
trance too deep to speak, feel
body raised in cupped hand, lifted
free as white beams extinguish dark.

Rest awhile in blissed peace,
cradled, safe, protected.
Subconscious mind alerted to
truth of real world enemies.

Open eyes to crystal Sanctuary,
retell tale to shocked friend more
used to women’s self assertion
than trance encounters with evil.

Jacqueline Knight Cotterill has lived in Spain for 28 years. She is a writer, mother of 4, committed activist for environmental protection, gender equality and voting rights and Deputy Mayor of her small village.


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