Chip Shop Aquariums by Thomas McColl

Last night,
at the local chip shop,

the server,
thrusting his bare arms
into the vats of boiling oil,

screamed at the cold, cruel world
that made him go insane,

and like a million piranha fish
in schools of bubbling frenzy,
the vicious viscous liquid
ate his flesh.

In chip shop aquariums,
the fish are dead
but the liquid in each tank is alive.

This all makes sense
in a world gone mad.


Previously published in Push.

Thomas McColl lives in London, and has been published in magazines such as Envoi, Iota, Fat Damsel, Prole and Ink, Sweat and Tears, and in anthologies by Hearing Eye, Eyewear andShoestring Press. His first full collection, Being With Me Will Help You Learn, is published by Listen Softly London Press.

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